Refund Policy

All transactions, those have failed and we have received payment confirmation from the payment gateway, will be automatically tried again and a confirmation message will be sent on your registered mobile number about successful transaction. If we are unable to process such Top-up, Recharge, Bill Payment request due to any technical problem a refund process will be start within 48 hours. ( Note : that refund process concerned with the bank may take 5- 7 working days to post a credit to your account.)

It is a automatic process and will be followed in all cases, however in such cases when you have received a success confirmation but not received a recharge or any equal case then you can submit a concern on our contact us page. These type of requests will be accepted only after 8 days of the transaction.Note, in all cases our liability is only to providing you a valid recharge or refund to the range of payment we received. We shall not be responsible or liable for any other claim arising of a failed recharge on our system.Note that, is not responsible or liable for any kind of fraud or cyber crime done by any user or somebody else.

We as do not ask for any bank details from any card holder. It is your own responsibility of user to secure their personal or banking details. These type of claims for refund will not be entertaine by

B2B QCK users: If you want your wallet amount should be refunded, then drop us an email with a subject line “refund?( only applicable if you have done the topup through payment gateway)